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Silver Birch Inspections Services
Buyer Inspection

Know the property you are purchasing from roof to basement with this complete noninvasive home evaluation through a visual examination of the physical structure and major mechanical systems.

Structural elements begin with the foundation, extend through floor and wall framing, and end with the roof structure including roofing materials.

Mechanical systems which are inspected and evaluated include plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning (weather and temperature permitting).

In addition to major structural and mechanical systems, components which affect function, liveability and safety are inspected as well as issues of normal wear.

Seller Inspection

Normally performed by the Seller prior to listing their home on the real estate market, but it can also be performed while the home is actually listed. The earlier the Seller has this inspection performed, the more time they will have to make needed or wanted repairs. This will decrease the likelihood of a long list of repair requests from the Buyer's side, which in turn, will speed up the sale and the closing process.

Having our report readily displayed makes your home more appealing to prospective purchasers in the marketplace as they will have peace of mind knowing there will be no surprises in their purchasing decision.

New Home Inspection

An independent review of your property during the various stages of the new home construction process. This inspection is conducted by an Inspector with an extensive background in all phases of the construction industry. Defects or problems with workmanship and/or materials can be identified, documented, and reported to the Project Manager/Builder, allowing corrections to be made as early in the construction process as possible, or prior to the completion and/or acceptance of the home.

Phases of Typical New Home Construction:
  • Foundation - basement walls completed, damp proofed, drainage systems installed
  • Pre-Drywall - framing and structural components, mechanical systems including heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical completed to rough-in stage
  • Final - Construction completed - Ideally, should be conducted one day prior to your walk through with the Project Manager / Builder. A thorough Inspection of the entire house is performed resulting in a punch list which enables you to discuss and resolve issues with the Builder prior to settlement or occupancy of the house.

Radon Testing

A non-invasive carbon test can accurately determine whether the levels are safe in the home. Exposure to radon is reported to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The EPA recommends that all homes be tested, and if elevated levels of radon are found, than corrective measures be taken. Always a highly recommended test.

One-Year Builder's Warranty Inspection

Prior to the one-year new construction warranty walk through, have a comprehensive report prepared of our findings. Many times the one year warranty expiration marks the final opportunity to identify, document, and inform your Builders of items that need repair or adjustment. All safety hazards, repairs, and adjustments should be professionally documented BEFORE your Builder is relieved of their responsibility under the one year warranty.

Walk-Through Consultations

A great fit for investors or an evaluation. This complete inspection is done as a verbal home inspection, without photos or reports.

Rental Property Home Inspection

A Rental Property Home Inspection is performed when property owners have tenants moving in or out of their rental apartments or homes and they would like to document the existing condition of their property from negligence. I act as the eyes and ears for the Landlord and report my honest, independent and unbiased views of the living areas of the home. I will be reporting on safety issues, fire issues, holes in walls/ceilings, missing appliances, inoperative or unsafe electrical, etc.