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Silver Birch Design Services
Initial Consultation ( step 1 )

This 2-3 hour service is very informative and helps you determine if our team is a good fit for you. When you call our office, we discuss some preliminary information and schedule a visit to your home. After arriving, we start by listening so we can effectively:

  • Take an informed tour of your space and get a general overview and see how you live in the space
  • Discuss and prioritize your "bare necessity" and "wish list" items
  • Compare your budget with your project goals to determine if they are aligned
  • Clarify the industry options that are available to you
  • Identify where to start and the approach that is best for you and your family

Define ( step 2 )

Together we explore imaginative design solutions and their cost ranges. This helps balance the challenges and opportunities of your home and site, your wish list and your budget - allowing you to make informed choices about your next move.

  • Preparation
    • Meet your project designer or architect
    • Explore your goals further to clarify your vision and to set a realistic project program
    • Inspect your site thoroughly including preliminary structural research, measurements and photos
    • Generate "as-built" drawings of your site or your existing home as needed
    • Preliminary research of codes, zoning, municipality and deed requirements relevant to your project
    • Identify remediation that may be needed which could impact your project scope and budget
    • Perform survey and engineering work as needed
  • Design Services
    • Conceptual Design and Diagrams if needed
    • Schematic Design, Plans, and Elevations to clarify your vision
  • Budget Services
    • Square foot cost analyses to guide your early design choices
    • Preliminary itemized estimates to set your project direction and budget
    • Preparation of a Design & Build Contract with your target budget and scope defined

Design & Build ( step 3 )

After the scope and target budget are set, we develop all design details to finalize specifics and costs, then plan and execute your work with a well-crafted construction process.

  • Design Services: Construction Documents
    • Detailed site exploration by our trades people to clarify the mechanics of your project and the products
    • Kitchen, bath, interior and specialty design services to finalize the details
    • Materials and fixture selections
    • Preparation and submission of documents for plan review and permits
    • Preparation of construction schedule and project staging requirements
  • Value Engineering
    • A unique process to balance your desires with your priorities
    • Creative resolution of cost and scope issues to arrive at your final build budget
  • Supervised, Professional Construction Work
    • Pre-Construction Walk-Through to meet your project leader and review construction expectations
    • Construction work from start to finish
    • Regular Production Meetings, Schedule and Cost updates
    • An efficient job close through Pre-Completion, Substantial Completion & Post Punch list procedures